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Nestie is currently Joinery.



We�re changing the naming of our organization!

Over the last few months, we�ve had the pleasure of talking to hundreds of New Yorkers about the excitement and challenges of living from the city. We�ve met with painters surviving in their art studios and bathing in their sink to save money; young architects who reconnected using inner-child and created forts made from bed linens to divide their loft into separate rooms. One common thread within our conversations has been the inherently emotional nature of moving. A new job, a budding relationship, a breakup. More often than not moving is precipitated by way of a memorable life event.

Our organization brings more humanity and fairness to the NYC rental market. As New Yorkers, we presume a strong communal feeling and camaraderie. Our business model is peer-to-peer: every renter who chooses to list out their house with the company helps fellow apartment seekers by causing moving less costly, friendly, and transparent. Concretely, renters who're going can earn a reasonable finder�s fee for introducing their landlord to another qualified renter, which comes from thousands in savings for apartment seekers. With this community-driven approach planned, we�ve chose to rebrand our company to some name that better captures our values.

Enter Joinery. �The methods or techniques employed to connect items of wood together.�

Joinery may be the art and craft of an joiner, an individual who brings function and artisanship with a home because they build its wooden stairs, doors, window frames, cabinets, bookcases. The photos and language created by joinery struck a chord around: we liked the concept of renters banding together to generate a less costly and sensible system of renting.

The rental market is doing little to ease our anxiety when we move apartments. Over fifty percent of renters in NYC are paying 30% or higher with their total household income on rent. Many renters have explicitly �opted-out� of utilizing real-estate brokers, either from financial necessity or out of principle. The overall consensus among renters would be that the 15% fee charged by brokers?-?typically $5,600!?-?is entirely misaligned together with the service provided. To stop paying this fee, we must make our way by having a labyrinth of lease-breaks, roommates, and allegedly no-fee apartments.

We�re incredibly excited to become implementing creating a sensible, community-driven alternative. We should be able to live and rent in New York City while not having to experience brokers. Help get the word out aboutJoinery: let�s come together to produce NYC affordable again.

renters in NYC

Post by joinery854 (2016-07-24 05:03)

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